How does attentive non-medical home care prevent hospital re-admissions?

While the argument is often made that skilled medical home care helps patients avoid hospital re-admissions, typically we don’t hear about the ways that non-medical home care works toward the same cause.

How does our approach to non-medical home care help clients stay out of the hospital?

Our home health aides …

  • Help people follow discharge instructions.
  • Offer companionship and talk with clients and families to asses each client’s condition.
  • Keep an eye on seniors throughout the day/night and notify our team and the family of changes in condition.
  • Prevent falls by providing assistance with bathing, walking, toileting, and moving in and out of bed.
  • Make sure clients get to their doctors’ appointments.
  • Pick up prescriptions.
  • Manage medications, doses, and timing.
  • Maintain regular schedules for eating and sleeping to prevent dehydration, hunger, and exhaustion.

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My dad has had three knee replacement surgeries in 15 years, and his recovery this time was by far the best experience! The PT and PTA assigned to help my dad were so caring yet firm. They taught him how the exercises he was doing would help him gain strength and mobility over the long term. I'm happy to report that he's still doing the exercises months later.

Marlene December 16, 2016