Seeking dementia care at home?

For those with dementia, the familiarity of home helps them feel safe, stable, and loved.

People with dementia are also more likely to retain their ability to navigate their surroundings when they live at home – where they remember how to find the bathroom, the kitchen, and their Lazy Boy chair in the living room.

We believe that those with dementia can still find the goodness in life, engage in meaningful activities, and interact with their loved ones. Rather than focus solely on symptoms, our caregivers work with families to honor the person’s lasting abilities.

Our Director of Nursing is certified in an approach to dementia care called, “Positive Approach to Brain Change” by Teepa Snow, and our in-home staff members are trained in this approach. Our team members understand the progression of dementia-related conditions, and they learn how to gently and methodically help those with dementia symptoms and behavioral changes.

Because of our experience, we know that people with dementia each have their own abilities and needs depending on where they are in the progression of the disease. We will customize a plan of care that fits the person we are caring for. When we know about each person’s history, accomplishments, memories, hobbies, and favorite activities, that helps us provide better care.

We also provide education, so family caregivers understand how to care for and interact with their loved ones and minimize symptoms.

Need a break from your role as caregiver?

Our caregivers are also available to deliver respite care when family members need time for self-care and replenishment.

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My dad has had three knee replacement surgeries in 15 years, and his recovery this time was by far the best experience! The PT and PTA assigned to help my dad were so caring yet firm. They taught him how the exercises he was doing would help him gain strength and mobility over the long term. I'm happy to report that he's still doing the exercises months later.

Marlene December 16, 2016