In an effort to share clinical knowledge, collaborate on best practices, and stay abreast of industry, regulatory, and compliance updates, we provide training to our own staff as well as for our referral partners’ team members. Additionally, our skilled experts are available to speak in public settings (senior centers and expos, conferences, support groups). General topics for our educational sessions include:

  • Dementia: Caregiving Across the Dementia Spectrum (based on Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Brain Change)
  • Home Safety
  • Falls Prevention
  • Caregiver Support
  • Total Joint Replacement Recovery
  • Managing Symptoms: Cardiac, GI, Neurological, Parkinson’s, Stroke, and more

More specific details about some of our programs are as follows:

Senior Exercise Program: The Diamond team shares a passion and commitment to helping our senior citizen population take an active role in their overall health and well being. In our Healthy Living Program, under the direction of Physical Therapist we provide a group exercise program in assisted living and senior communities on a weekly basis. Strength and range of motion are important factors in keeping seniors independent. Exercises are specifically designed, so seniors have no difficulty performing them.

Fall Prevention: This program offers quarterly screenings of all residents who wish to participate. The goal is to identify residents who are at risk for accidents such as falls due to changes in strength, range of motion, and/or cognition. Evaluation and treatment may be recommended by the Physical and Occupational Therapist to improve function and safety. Diamond Home Care will work with Medicare and other insurance companies when seniors need an intensive individualized program.

Morning Current Events:
 Diamond team members will work with the activities department to provide stimulating conversation and socialization. This program is designed in conjunction with an occupational therapist with the goal to keep seniors oriented about news, facility activities, and current local/world happenings.

Healthy Living Program:
 When a healthcare staff member interacts with seniors consistently, she or he can more readily identify potential health risks with residents. Diamond Home Care will dedicate a nurse to coordinate wellness and preventative activities in the facility. On a monthly basis this nurse will provide a blood pressure screening and be available for residents’ questions or concerns regarding their health. If the resident chooses, the nurse can act as a liaison with physician and family.

Community Education and Resources: The team of Diamond Home Care has extensive training and resources in the management of care for the senior population. On a quarterly basis, informative programs will be held for the facility residents and their families with a focus on preventative care, healthy habits and strategies for aging safely at home. Outside guest speakers as well as Diamond team members will share their knowledge and expertise.

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We want to thank you for the kindness you’ve shown as you’ve continued to care for our mom. You have helped make this difficult journey a lot easier for our family. May you be blessed.

Angie & Family December 16, 2016