Do patients show better home care clinical outcomes? Yes, research proves it!

It’s not surprising that research shows that patients prefer home care to other medical care environments like hospitals or skilled nursing facilities. Who wouldn’t prefer their own home over the stark, sterile setting of a hospital?!

Thankfully, research also overwhelmingly proves that patients have improved clinical outcomes when they recover at home. Seniors, in particular, are more comfortable at home, and because those surroundings are so familiar, they are less like to experience disorientation and falls.

Evidence shows that properly planned and executed home care results in the following outcomes:

  • Reduced rates of falling and mortality.
  • Retained muscle function.
  • Fewer illnesses – such as skin infections.
  • Decreased length of illnesses.
  • Fewer readmissions to other care facilities (hospitals, SNFs, long term care facilities).
  • More patient satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs for patients, payers, and hospitals/health systems (including those who manage bundled payments).

To ensure optimal clinical outcomes, Diamond Home Care focuses on:

  • Efficient transitions from care facilities to the home.
  • Opening cases in a timely manner – within 24-48 hours.
  • Creating and carrying out person-centered care plans.
  • Solving problems through communication – between our team, family members, and physicians.
  • Educating patients to ease the transition between hospital care and homecare.
  • Educating family caregivers and patients to manage conditions, so they can safely and successfully age in place.

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My dad has had three knee replacement surgeries in 15 years, and his recovery this time was by far the best experience! The PT and PTA assigned to help my dad were so caring yet firm. They taught him how the exercises he was doing would help him gain strength and mobility over the long term. I'm happy to report that he's still doing the exercises months later.

Marlene December 16, 2016